About Jeski

Hello! My name is Jess and I have been running my creative business ‘Jeski’ since December 2009. After studying creative arts at uni, I became interested in supporting handmade artists and started buying a lot of handmade jewellery, accessories and art – even more after I discovered Etsy! Seeing how easy it was to start up a shop through Etsy, I decided to try it out for myself and created my online shop, Jeski. I started out making jewellery only (I had made earrings in the past) and as my skills improved, I started making more complicated items and non-jewellery items as well. Eventually, besides jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings etc) I also started making headbands & hairclips, knitted items (e.g. scarves, headbands, armwarmers), sewn items (e.g. bags, felt brooches) homewares (e.g. handpainted boxes), handpainted & embellished shoes, makeup, original framed artworks, and upcycled clothing (e.g. bleached/handpainted leggings, slashed & tied tshirts).

In September 2011 I opened my own physical shop. My shop was located within the Creative Spirit Centre, an innovative centre for small local businesses in western Sydney. In November 2012 I closed the physical shop due to financial pressure, and in order to focus entirely on my online business.

In March 2013 I relaunched my business, with a focus on higher quality handmade jewellery, cosmetics and clothing, as well as graphic design. All of my older items were moved over to a side shop, JeskiAttic, where I also sell craft supplies.

Thanks for visiting my blog! ^_^


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