Welcome to my new blog! Some introspection to start us off…

My name is Jess, and this is my brand new blog for updates, thoughts, ideas, imaginings and other randomness related to my little creative business, Jeski.

I love to make things. It’s an addiction, really… I’m always a little unsettled unless I am making something. A few years ago I decided to attempt to make some money from the things I was making, and my business has grown from there into a weird, somewhat eccentric entity which keeps to an aesthetic that really reflects the essence of who I am. My work is very much tied in with my personality, and although that is sometimes not fantastic for business, it’s something I am proud of and want to stick with. I am an artist more than a businesswoman. :P

In keeping with the artist thing – I don’t make duplicates. Everything that I make is one of a kind. It’s been suggested to me that I might do well if I took some of my more popular pieces and had them mass produced in China, but I think that would take away from what I am trying to achieve with my work, which is creating pieces of wearable art that people buy because they know that they will be the only person who has that particular piece.

On the other hand that sounds a bit conceited really when you consider that the majority of my jewellery pieces are made from premade components. Although I’ve done a course in silver jewellery making and studied other creation-from-scratch processes, I rarely make things absolutely from scratch and this is reflected in my prices (my maximum price for jewellery is usually around $16). But I am more selling design than I am selling the pieces themselves, if that makes sense. I always try to make sure that my pieces are not the same as anyone else’s, because a lot of people who sell on Etsy use the same components for their work.

In saying that though – I do make a fair few things that are entirely created from scratch – my paintings are a main example. In the future I would really like to start making clothing from scratch – I have the skills and the sewing machine, I just need to get motivated and start designing/making things.

Anyways, that’s enough introspection for now, heh. I’d be hugely appreciative if you follow my blog – there will be updates on what I’m doing with my work, discussion of creative process, links to other artists and creators I admire, all sorts of things. :) If you have a blog you think I would be interested in, please don’t hesitate to let me know about it! <3